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Landon Noland is an indie artist from Orlando and has become a household name within Central Florida's music community, playing at many venues in the area. He has been a finalist for "Musician of the Year" and his music has even spread across the pond, making its way into UK radio playlists. Landon has a fantastically versatile voice and natural talent for song writing. He is currently  in the process of recording his first album.

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Jackie Noland


The Final Page

(music video)


cover by Landon Noland

All Along the Watchtower

cover by Landon Noland 

The Lonely Wolf

Original by Landon Noland


cover by Landon Noland 

Silent Disgrace

 original by Landon Noland 

Little Lion Man

cover by Landon Noland


original by Landon Noland 


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