Landon Noland, is a singer-songwriter and cover artist in the Orlando area. As a self taught pianist and guitarist, Landon found himself writing both unique instrumental and lyrical compositions. He hit the local music scene in early 2017, with a unique blend of an alternative rock/folk sound. His music has also been played across the pond, on a British online radio station. This year, he played at the Deland Original Music Festival and was a finalist for Musician of the Year. Currently,  Landon is working on his EP album, which we hope to release Spring of 2018.

Landon's  love for writing piano compositions began at the age of 14. Soon after,  he was given the opportunity to showcase his piano skills at a local open mic. Which he immensely enjoyed. Not long after, Landon began experimenting with adding lyrics to the compositions and singing them himself. 

"My goal is to write relatable songs about people, for the world to enjoy."   - Landon Noland

I'm Fine

Original by Landon Noland

Something to Run From

Original by Landon Noland

Original Piano Composition

by Landon Noland


Muse - Cover by Landon Noland


Jeff Buckley - Cover by Landon Noland

Shelf Life

by Landon Noland


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